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Our expertise, coupled with strong ties to expert resources, enables us to anticipate issues and offer proactive solutions to guide you through one of the most stressful times in your life.

While the goal in serving clients is to do so in the most collaborative, least disruptive manner, our legal team is prepared to advocate at the highest level, including strategic litigation when necessary. With the HFLG team in your corner, you can be sure that your interests – and those of your family – will be advanced.

Family Law FAQs

  • The state of California won’t force you to stay married.
  • You don’t need to prove fault or have grounds for a divorce.
  • You don’t have to agree on the details, but it’s faster if you do.
  • Just like your spouse can’t force you to stay married if you want a divorce, you don’t have to wait to file a divorce until you have an agreement on all the major terms, like how to split your property and child custody. If you can agree to terms, you can probably file for a faster divorce. However, you can also ask the courts to make those major decisions on your behalf.
  • Once you file, your spouse will have the option to respond, at which point you can strategize accordingly. Getting the right help early in the process will help you avoid mistakes and falling victim to common divorce myths.

Under a nesting arrangement, children stay in a family or mutual home, while co-parents take turns living in the family home to take care of the children. So, rather than having to pickup and drop-off your kids between two homes, you and your ex will be the ones splitting your time between two residences.

If you are considering nesting, here are three benefits to keep in mind: Adjustment period, Sense of stability and Co-parent teamwork development.

For a premarital agreement to be valid, both you and your partner must each have an attorney representing you. Your lawyer will explain how negotiating and drafting a prenup works, negotiate on your behalf, and go over the resulting document with you so that you understand it thoroughly.

The following are some common ways spouses hide assets during a divorce:

  • With a secret bank account
  • With a business
  • With valuable collectibles and antiques
  • With gifts
  • With a safety deposit box

If you’re suspicious that your spouse is hiding assets, you must obtain proof. A judge will only reevaluate your division of property if you can provide hard evidence against your spouse. Stay alert during the divorce and keep a close eye on all your valuable assets, monetary and otherwise. Make sure to check and double-check your property, and if anything seems out of place, consider speaking with an attorney who can help you through the divorce.

Your children need you as they grow up, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. A divorce could step in to threaten that relationship, especially as California falls short when it comes to dividing parenting time.

The National Parents Organization (NPO) stamped California with a D grade when it comes to legislation on shared parenting. Splitting custody evenly can be crucial for the healthy upbringing of your child, but California doesn’t always present a clear path for you to take.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Steve is knowledgeable, upfront and personable; he gave me the confidence to settle my divorce case. I had a great rapport with him immediately and knew he was secure, capable and could handle my case and represent me well.”


Client Testimonial

“The entire HFLG firm has been so wonderful and I am so appreciative of everything you have done. This week is the third week of the new custody arrangement and if you could see how happy the girls are, I am SOOO thankful. It was all worth it and it would not have happened without you.”


Client Testimonial

“Thanks to Steve’s opinion and advice my children and I are safe. His determination to do what was best carried me through. I know that by this time next year I will have a new appreciation for life.”

Child Custody Client

Client Testimonial

“I found Steven’ demeanor always to be professional. My case was definitely complex and highly emotional. You will be in awe and amazement for all the thorough work and execution HFLG provided. They never ignored my and were consistently patient throughout this difficult 2-year process.”

Divorce Client

Client Testimonial

“Mr. Jones, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you taking my case. I have always held you in the highest regard for your integrity, virtuous character and Jurist acumen. Having you on “MY” team gives me the courage to go forward with this case! Today, I sat down to go over all the documents and they exceeded my expectations! “

Sharon R.

Client Testimonial

“Steve is on top of it and has even called me over the weekend to assist. I respect his integrity and that while Steve is my attorney, he keeps our son’s best interest in mind at all times. Thank you Steve and Hittelman Family Law Group!”


Client Testimonial

“I am blessed to have you representing me. I was impressed with the way you started our hearing, after clearing the court room of potential witnesses! The summary you presented and case law regarding what Casey wants and why the judge should deny it was spot on. Thank you! I am grateful. Again, thank you for today!”

Jacque R.

Client Testimonial

“Today I received the email invitation to join in the celebration of your having been named as ‘Lawyer of the Year’ for the Orange County Women Lawyers Association on October 23, 2012. Let me say a hearty ‘Congratulations’ for this grand honor. I have watched your professionalism over the years with great pleasure. I am very pleased for you!”

Richard G.

Commissioner Orange County Superior Court

“If you have to go to court, you hope that your legal representation is smart, honest and ethical, and that the process is over quickly and fairly. If you have to go to trial, you want your attorneys to be the most capable in their field and to reflect your values as well as your financial interests.”


Client Testimonial

“I originally retained Steve for a child custody/support issue. I found him to be extremely HONEST, knowledgeable, personable, realistic, and most of all, caring during this very difficult time. I was so impressed with his professionalism, I retained him a second time for a divorce/child custody issue. I would not hesitate to retain Steve’s services again or recommend him. You do get what you pay for!”


Client Testimonial

“Steve agreed to take my case only 3 months before the final hearing. I got 100 times more out of Steve than I did my first attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable about child custody, financial issues and the entire divorce landscape. He was able to get exactly the outcome I hoped for. What Steve (and his wonderful staff) did for me and my daughter was actually a small miracle. I couldn’t recommend him more.”


Client Testimonial

Steven is not only very knowledgeable about family law- he is ethical and a good man (not always easy to find in an attorney). Unfortunately my case had to go to trial, and he was very specific and actually caught my ex in some lies on the stand. He was also able to turn around things I was accused of and disprove them- both through my testimony and my ex’s.

Family Client

Client Testimonial

” Will this attorney protect me? Protect my kids? Protect my home? My money? Will the other attorney get bounced for attacking me? Steven did all these things for me and my family. Because of Steven we were able to stay together and in our home. Steven provided me and my family a sense of security in a very insecure time.”


Client Testimonial