divorce lawyer recommendation for more peaceful divorce

Sometimes as lawyers, we witness particularly nasty divorces even when neither party meant to reach that point.  After years of mediation, we have divorce lawyer recommendations for a more peaceful divorce.

Get Informed

Learn how the divorce process works by doing your own research. By understanding the process, you can take some of the fear and frustration out of your experience. While you are researching, check out divorce mediation as a peaceful divorce possibility.  You can also learn about collaborative divorce as a conciliatory divorce choice.  The process of both are usually less confrontational and can be much less costly than a drawn out divorce managed in the courtroom.  They don’t always work, but are confidential, usually faster, and slightly less formal thank the courtroom.  If they don’t work, the separating couple will need to go through the court system to complete the divorce process.

Organize Your Finances

In the divorce process, details of a couple’s assets and debts will be closely examined before dividing.  It is important to have a good handle on your finances, all of your community assets and liabilities before that examination.  When looking at the assets, remember to include not only bank and investment accounts, but also retirement accounts and properties.  Unless there is a clear prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that says otherwise, even separate accounts are community property until the divorce is final.

Find the Right Experienced Professional

We like to think attorneys and mediators at Hittelman Family Law Group can guide you through any family law issue.  We do understand, however, that everyone is different.  It is essential when you become aware the marriage is ending that you research the right professional to represent you. To improve your search, take a step back from the pain and emotions of the moment.  Look at the big picture and what you want to accomplish. Then go ahead and check out divorce lawyer recommendations from your family and friends. Find the professional who can help achieve the goal you want to accomplish.

Negotiate Your Divorce Like a Business Negotiation

Divorce can be messy and emotional.  People who are able to step back and conduct the negotiations like a business transaction make better decisions.  In a business transaction, you wouldn’t charge in without first gathering information and organizing.  You would search out the best representation and keep the end goal in mind.  Grieve if you need to, but then set that aside and work toward the right resolution for your future and that of your children.

Focus on your Children.

You are not alone in the divorce process.  Children may have a challenging time adjusting to the new reality.  You can help make the transition easier.  Avoid badmouthing your spouse in front of your kids.  Focus on your children, so the final divorce agreement ensures your children are well taken care of. Keep them up to date on what to expect going forward.  If you see issues popping up, consider whether counseling would help them transition.

Keep Your Priorities

The divorce process can be fraught with high emotions and confrontations.  Remember who you are and what is important to you.  Share that priority with your attorney and hang on to it throughout the divorce process.  It will make your divorce lawyer recommendations more customized to your needs.

The Hittelman Family law group includes skilled experienced attorneys Steven Hittelman, Wayne Jones and Patricia Cyr offers mediation as well.  We guide our clients through any aspect of family law from beginning to end.  If you need professional help to deal with a family law matter, experience the HFLG difference for yourself.  Contact us or call (949) 210-3260  to learn more.

Please Note: This article is not intended to be construed as legal advice. It is for informational purposes only, offering insights and awareness into the complex nature of division of debt in divorce. The process of divorce is difficult. Speaking with an experienced attorney is an advisable way to make sure your rights are safeguarded.