simplified dissolution of marriage

What is a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage?

Sometimes partners or spouses both agree the marriage is over.  They have decided who will pay which debts and how to split the assets.  There is nothing else but to undo what now seems like one of the worst decisions ever made.  The only question they now have is “What is the quickest way to […]

family law attorneys and complex divorce

Family Law Attorneys Resolve Complex Divorce Issues

Divorce is a Complex Area of Law Practice There is nothing simple about divorce when there are children and/or assets involved. Because marriage requires no education, no lawyers and no experience, it seems so easy to do.  You just get a license and plan the event, like other parties you might host, but a little […]

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complex custody issues

Common, But Complex Child Support Issues

Child custody cases contain some of the most complicated matters within family law. Emotions tend to run high in complex familial relationships, and the outcome can impact the lives and futures of those involved. It can help to realize in these cases, courts consider the best interests of children. If it takes a long time […]

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What to Do if Your Spouse is Hiding Assets

What to Do if Your Spouse is Hiding Assets

Where to Find the Assets Our Previous article, Spouses Trying to Hide Assets in a Divorce showed you ways spouses hide assets. This article will highlight ways to protect yourself from the most commonly hidden asset, cash. If you believe your spouse is hiding assets, there are ways to uncover at least some of it, […]

HFLG Six Step Process-3rd Installment

HFLG Six Step Case Process-3d & Final Installment

The third and final installment of the Hittelman Family Law Groups continues to review the six step case process series. In the first two installments we reviewed the unique and personalized approach Steve Hittelman and the entire HFLG team follow. The actions followed with their family law cases and clients ensure the best possible outcome […]

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