Family Law
prenuptial agreements

Today we are going to begin reviewing a few of the nearly three dozen practice areas that included in Family Law. Those practice areas cover a broad range of concerns from premarital to post marital matters. Our review will cover the eight legal areas of Family Law in which HFLG represents clients. We will explain why our team of expert attorneys are your best opportunity for a successful resolution to your legal matter. And we will begin by diving into Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial agreements.

Stress can make finding the right attorney to represent you a challenge, which is a real consideration. With everything happening in your life, choosing a family law lawyer that will listen to your concerns, understand what you’re going through and genuinely care about you is critical. Every client deserves individual and private attention and unique understanding of their personal experience. With so many areas of law involving families the Hittelman Family Law Group focuses our expertise on eight impactful areas which are often the most stressful.

The Many Areas of Practice within Family Law

Our practice area covers Premarital and Post Nuptial Agreements, Marriage and Partnership Agreements, Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Litigation, Children’s Issues, Support Issues and Domestic Violence. All of these matters are personally important to the HFLG team, and that makes a difference. Steve Hittelman was the first prosecutor in Orange County that was dedicated to representing family law matters. Since that experience and over the past 30 years his commitment to families and the community has been shared with his entire team of attorneys and support staff.

prenuptial agreements
prenuptial agreements

Planning ahead can build a stronger future

For many couples, starting their life journey together includes planning for a future that is uncertain and unknown. Contrary to common thought that kind of planning is not only about sad endings. It’s true, joining two lives together has many risks but also many rewards, and many responsibilities. Nuptial agreements help when planning for all potential events, including sickness and health, unexpected tragedies as well as unanticipated windfalls. Advanced planning together, knowing that there is a shared plan for your future together, is a tremendous stress reliever allowing your attention to be in the moment and on one another and building a life of your dreams without worry.

Pre-nuptial Agreement

Pre-nuptial or Premarital agreements are legal contracts that two parties sign before they enter into the institution of marriage. The contract describes what will happen with a couple’s assets and debts should the marriage end in divorce. California law allows for these agreements to preserve those rights and responsibilities as long as certain procedures and time constraints are followed. Considerations include past income or wealth, existing assets and possible future inheritance and how those assets will be managed in the future.

Post-nuptial agreements

Post-nuptial agreements are also binding contracts recognized by the state of California which both parties must agree to. One example of how these types of agreements are used is to protect or allow one of the parties in the relationship from liability or exposures from business decisions or activities of the other party. They can also be used to protect assets acquired or even health decisions.

Family planning agreements including Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial agreements prepared by an HFLG expert can be a lifelong tool for a successful marriage or partnership.

In our next discussion we will examine another aspect of contracts, Marital Settlement agreements.