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When It’s a Question of Support Issues

HFLG has proven, through years of experience, it is more than competent at dealing with complex support issues. When you are facing marital separation, representation by the HFLG team makes the entire process smoother. Mr. Hittelman was the first Deputy District Attorney hired by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office to handle just such cases. […]

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Navigating a Marriage or Partnership Dissolution

Expectations of After the Happy Ever After No one goes into a marriage expecting the worst, right? The lawyers at HFLG recognize that no one expects marital bliss, however long it lasted, to come crashing down. Going through a divorce can be one of the most painful personal events anyone can experience, but it doesn’t […]

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5 Ways Your Spouse May Hide Assets During the Divorce

Divorce can make spouses resort to sneaky tactics to hide and protect their most valuable possessions. Whether done as revenge or for personal gain, hiding assets in a divorce can cause trouble for everyone involved. California follows community property laws, meaning that all the assets you accumulated with your spouse during your marriage are eligible […]