marriage partnership dissolution

Expectations of After the Happy Ever After

No one goes into a marriage expecting the worst, right? The lawyers at HFLG recognize that no one expects marital bliss, however long it lasted, to come crashing down. Going through a divorce can be one of the most painful personal events anyone can experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

For some there is a practical and measured alternative. A #Dissolution of Marriage may be the answer for certain couples. In a few circumstances, a husband and wife know what they have, what they want, and simply want their marriage over. HFLG can assist them in reaching a Marital Settlement Agreement as part of a “designed default” to take advantage of the fastest path in an #Amicable Dissolution of Marriage.

marriage partnership dissolution
marriage partnership dissolution

Issues to Consider During a big Change

At Hittelman Family Law Group we realize this is a time of change in your relationships with your family, your home, and potentially your career. There are countless issues to consider in the divorce process, and time is certainly on of the factors to bear in mind. In many instances your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage matter may be dealt with in the privacy of our office. If a court proceeding is required, our depth of experience dealing with common or complex issues in hearings and trials can help to resolve your case quickly. Knowing what to expect and how courts commonly view and rule on cases is important knowledge.

Planning for Costs

Cost is another factor to consider when bringing closure to a marriage. The experienced HFLG law team has created #Simplified Dissolution of Marriage agreements for those couples and partners who create their plan. Our attorneys can assist couples seeking the fastest closure to a marriage and to obtain Dissolution of Marriage Records. The less time spent in a courtroom is a huge cost savings to all parties involved.

Negotiating Moving Forward

Even in instances where the two parties are not on the same page on how to end a marriage the HFLG team can help. Negotiating amicable settlement and distribution of assets is a very real part of every #Dissolution of Marriage agreement. Instead of dragging the negotiating into a court room, the HFLG lawyers listen to your goals and objectives to work towards the best resolution. In those situations that require it, HFLG has experts on our team from forensic accountants for business valuations or cash flow analyses, vocational examiners, mental health professionals, and other experts needed to be called upon to make the best case for you. In every way our team works to smoothly transition into your new beginning.

The Impact on Others

Let’s not forget that your marriage dissolution may have impacts beyond the married parties. Custody issues are another consideration you may be facing, and for many those concerns aren’t limited to children. In today’s nuclear family pets are an integral part of life, it’s important to recognize just how much they matter. Whatever the situation is, we can guide you through.

Protecting Your Interests

You don’t have to be alone and suffer the trauma of a divorce. You can rely on the HFLG team to not just listen, but to genuinely care about your interests, and you. If its time for you to move forward with your life contact us for a free consultation today.