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family law attorney

A family law attorney practices in a surprisingly broad legal area focusing on the law on family relationships.  These relationships consist of marriage, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, divorce, adoption, abuse and neglect, child custody, and much more.

A Family Law Attorney Crafts Pre-nuptial Agreements

Both pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements are documents detailing the financial arrangements for each party during and/or following a marriage.  A prenuptial attorney can guide couples through separation and management of premarital assets and debt if the couple should  divorce.

family law attorney
What is a Family Law Attorney

Divorce Navigation

The legal dissolution of a marriage contract is called divorce. Regardless of other connotations marriage holds, marriage is a legal ceremony.  Dissolving a marriage requires division of assets, property, and debts.  Alimony and child support must be decided when applicable, as well as child custody.  Each of these topics seems pretty straightforward, but during a divorce, complications can lurk around every corner.  A family law attorney can clarify these complications.  They are skilled at uncovering hidden assets and resolving pre-marital property ownership.  They can also aid with the reasonable division of assets, debts, custody and more.

When separating spouses need to go to court, your family law attorney helps navigate the complex court process.  Divorce is a tense state of affairs, fraught with emotions. An HFLG skilled and experienced family law attorney, Steven Hittelman, Patricia Cyr, or Wayne Jones, can ease your stressful situation.


Family lawyers manage more situations than crises.  They facilitate joyful situations too, such as an adoption process.  Family lawyers make sure the paperwork is correct, and guide prospective parents through the procedure, smoothing issues as they arise.  Adoptions are notorious for their legal red tape.  An experienced family law attorney is ready to clear the red tape so you gain your new family member sooner.

A Family Law Attorney Can Assist in Abuse and Neglect Cases

This side of family law is a sensitive area of legal practice, but critical to the protection of family.  The Hittelman Family Law Group has the experience to guide clients through cases of abuse or neglect.  They may represent the child, or possibly the parent accused of abuse or neglect.  Alternatively, a family law attorney may advocate for a parent, compliant with court requirements, to get their child back. With decades of experience, family law attorney Steven Hittelman has seen many abuse and neglect cases.  He has the skills and knowledge to help your family navigate the procedures involved.

Child Custody

There are questions that arise during child custody decisions.  Separating parents and their judge will need to figure out which parent has the greatest bond with their children.  The judge will consider any criminal or drug activity by either parent, as well as home stability and other things.

Child Support

The non-custodial parent will need to contribute child support. California has its own formula to calculate child support, but there are other factors that affect those calculations.  Sometimes parents and their lawyers come up with an agreement before going to court. The judge may support an arrangement, which seems best for the child or children.  If a couple cannot agree, the family law attorney ensures essential information goes to the court to make proper calculations.

In short, a family law attorney covers family events from adoption, to abuse, marriage agreements, divorce, custody, support, and more.  If you have a legal family matter weighing on your mind, contact us here or call (949) 210-3260 for more information.

Important Family Law Attorney Note

This article is not intended to be construed as legal advice. It is for informational purposes only, offering insights and awareness into the complex nature of family law. Speaking with an experienced family law attorney is an advisable way to make sure your rights are safeguarded.