HFLG Six Step Process-3rd Installment

The third and final installment of the Hittelman Family Law Groups continues to review the six step case process series. In the first two installments we reviewed the unique and personalized approach Steve Hittelman and the entire HFLG team follow. The actions followed with their family law cases and clients ensure the best possible outcome from the start.

HFLG Six Step Process-3rd Installment
HFLG Six Step Process-3rd Installment

Summary of Prior Steps

Step 1 explained the thorough measures taken during the first contact with a new client. The 2nd step outlined the initial consultation with Steve or one of the associate attorneys. Step 2 reviewed the careful consideration given to clients and the status of their matter. This consideration is applied to every case, whether it is just beginning or the court case is in process. Next, in Step 3, we described the importance of our professional team. Everyone at HFLG works together applying the best skills for the tasks at hand. Step 4 shared the years of experience working with experts of virtually every discipline. It also mentioned the extensive resources nurtured by Steve and the firm for the benefit of their clients.

Now let’s review steps 5 and 6, special concerns and cost efficiency, issues that are important to every client and to us.

Step 5: Special Concerns

Practicing Family Law demands genuine sensitivity to the unique situations clients face. Sometimes that means the beginning of a new life with a partner and planning for the future. Paradoxically, it could mean embarking on a life-changing path alone. There are countless life events that may impact family relationships, some joyful, some painful. This is where HFLG excels in supporting our clients. We understand the excitement of growing a family. We take care when crafting the legal protections securing a stable future financially and emotionally.

We also are experienced in protecting our clients that are victims of all forms of abuse. Whether the family is suffering from child abuse, domestic violence or elder abuse we can provide resources. For example, Steve has long standing relationships throughout the domestic violence community. He has been active for years with Laura’s House and Human Options, organizations dedicated to supporting victims. Similarly, the firm understands and respects the suffering of those who are wrongfully accused and defends them appropriately. Every client is truly unique, as are the circumstance of every case. Our Step 5 is designed so each client is treated with the respect and care they deserve.

Step 6: Cost Efficiency

No one wants to think that they will ever need the services of a family law attorney, but life is filled with the unknown. So, whether it’s planning a future, guarding assets, resolving strife, or bringing closure to irreconcilable differences, your HFLG attorney is a resource committed to protecting your interests. The elephant in the room of course is client financial considerations, and HFLG recognizes the burdens you face. We strive to optimize efficiency in every aspect of managing our client’s cases. The HFLG team concept is genuine, from lower hourly rate associates working under the supervision of senior counsel whenever possible to paralegals performing support and communications, the HFLG team works to efficiently and cost effectively represent clients.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the HFLG six step case process. We welcome your feedback and comments. Most importantly, Steve Hittelman and the entire HFLG Family is here for you whenever your need arises.