Careful Allocation of Resources Creates Cost Efficiency

By leveraging our associates and our experienced paralegals, we provide tailored, effective services in the most cost-effective manner. It is sometimes more cost-effective for the case to be managed by an associate under the supervision of a partner or senior attorney. Clients then benefit from getting their needs address at the lower hourly rate of […]

Sensitivity to Special Concerns

Recognizing that divorce or other family law situations can be highly emotional, we have cultivated relationships with key local resources to offer assistance. Whether clients need referrals for child counseling, housing challenges, or other forms of protection or support, we can help. For example, our long-standing ties to the Domestic Violence community through Laura’s House […]

Collaborating with Experts

Over the years, HFLG has worked with practically every expert witness for a family law matter. Our case planning starts with an analysis of what we need to bring to the court to achieve the best result, which sometimes requires expert testimony. That means that we engage the services of an expert – be it […]

Advancing the Case

Our firm’s team approach ensures that the partner, associate, paralegal. and even the file clerk are all aware of what is going on in each client’s file. Casework is delegated based upon its complexity, the strengths of the team members, and the best interest of the client. Continuity, office communication, and client communication are top […]

Initial Consultation

After your Intake call with our staff and an appointment is scheduled, bringing the following documents and information will make sure you get the best “bang for your buck”:

Intake Process

When you call HFLG for the first time, we’ll take you through our Intake process to make sure we can represent you. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information about you and your situation, why you’re calling our office, and what you want us to know.