Collaborative Divorce

A Collaborative Divorce Team

Divorce is often a solitary event, separating two people that once committed to stay together forever but for their own very personal reasons have decided to end their commitment. But does the divorce process really have to be traveled alone? The Collaborative divorce is a method of negotiating a divorce settlement. Both parties and their respective attorneys meet together to reach agreements. There are pitfalls to this approach if you don’t have the right representation, but clients are never alone with Hittelman Family Law Group team approach . We bring more to the negotiation every time.

HFLG is what Collaborative Divorce is really all about. We did not create the term, but we just might have perfected the process. That’s because the Divorce Lawyers at HFLG work closely with their peer experts from every facet of a client’s married life.

Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Divorce

Legal Experts

Our legal experts take the lead in building your team, starting with your comprehensive case and situation review. This up close and personal attention is the foundation for engaging the right experts necessary to achieve your objectives. And by the “right” expert we mean more than just highly qualified, professional, and experienced experts. You must be comfortable with your team so that you can trust the work and advice each team member will deliver. With over 30 years of experience HFLG has established quite an extensive network of trusted expert providers in virtually every professional discipline you can imagine.

Financial and Medical Experts

Every negotiation makes more progress when all parties are forthwith. If your spouse has hidden assets, we can apply experts to locating them. From forensic accounting which identifies how much and where the money is, was or has gone; to business analysis and appraisers; to medical experts or even child counselors. HFLG has collaborated with them all. Plus, HFLG has many relationships with organizations and institutions that offer support and security if needed.

The HFLG internal support staff works under the direction of your HFLG divorce attorney, keeping your case flowing . This includes coordinating the efforts of experts on your case. Our clients maintain access to the expert reports and conclusions throughout the case in order to be fully informed and constantly aware of the status of each case.

When a Collaborative Divorce is Most Beneficial

When parties have complex issues that require the involvement of experts and other resources, the option of undertaking a Collaborative Divorce should be considered. With HFLG at your side you can be confident that you are covered in every aspect of your divorce and focus on moving forward and into your new future.